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Technology & Consulting                                                                      FAQs 

Project Manager

USD $38 per hour

As project size vary, managers are scheduled Full time or Part time, minimum at 0.15 FTE

Software Developers

Junior developer USD $24-$29 per hour*

Mid-level developer USD $27-$30per hour*

Senior Developer USD $32-38 per hour

Mobile Developers
USD $25-$29 per hour

iOS, Android, Windows, Native & Hybrid

Technical Architect
USD $36+ per hour

Full Time

QA & Automated testing

Mid Level Tester USD $25-$26  per hour

Senior Tester USD $30+ per hour

Business Analyst
USD $34+ per hour

As project size varies, BA's are scheduled Full time or Part time, minimum at 0.15 FTE

DevOps Scrum Master
USD $34+ per hour

Full time

Technology Rates
Support staff

Price guide- 2022

The approximate rates below are aimed to give a broad understanding to our partners if they are considering using the global delivery model.

Feel free to contact us for your project rates.

Teams that work behind the scenes*                              *(inclusive in the prices)


CIO & Domain Heads

Onsite Account Managers


Workforce Management

Hiring & Recruitment

Shortage, Surplus & Skill match

Tech Support

Cloud Management

Config, Maitainance, 

Installations & Secuirty

Post project decommission


QA testing & Review

Feedback & Process review

Process & adeherence

Project documents review

BPO, Call centre Rates

Back Office & Inbound-Outbound Call centre        FAQs

Customer care
USD $7-$10 per hour

Inbound / Outbound

24 X 7 X 365 Care support

Content & Data Mgt
USD $7-$10 per hour

Content Creation, Proof reading, Geo coding, Curation, Imaging,  

Process Management

USD $9-$11 per hour

Travel process outsourcing,

Food ordering process managment

Finance & accounts management

Legal process outsourcing  

System network Management

USD $16 - $19

Cloud Support

USD $19 - $21

Backoffice & Helpdesk

USD $13 - $15



You need to discuss with us on the Skills, Duration, Scope, and Complexity of the work. The more widespread your skill set, its much easier for us to provide affordable rates for our services.

Factors that influence rates & costs:

  1. Team size: the more staff required for a project, the lower your hourly rates can be. Its easier to optimise operational, infrastrucure, management and ongoing costs for medium & large size projects

  2. Skills:  Costs vary on skills, technologies and experience needs for the project. Projects that need rare skill or technologies, our HR dept has to procure them from the open market.

Why are rates charged in USD?

Due to ongoing currency fluctuations, offshore rates are paired against the US dollar. We sign contracts with clients in all major currencies (AUD, NZD or Euros) and invoices can be in the local currency.

Are there any additional hidden or upfront costs?

All rates and charges are clearly communicated & signed off with clients before start of the engagement. Generally, we do not charge Upfront or Setup costs to our clients, unless specifically advised before start of the engagement incase of specific circumstances. All Rates include infrastructure, people, generic software's & licenses, private VPN and associated support costs. For any specialised 3rd party tools used by the client, their license details can be provided to our team or procured by us at actuals.

What are Offshore working hours?

Our Onsite project managers coordinate with clients at their local time zones.

The Offshore Technology & Software teams work Mon-Fri (9AM to 5:30PM), approximately 160 hours per month.

BPO & Call Centre teams work in shifts, hence operational 24 X 7 X 365 days.


How are public holidays and employees leaves calculated?

All invoices are calculated based on working hours only. Offshore Public holidays & casual leaves taken by staff are recorded in  timesheets and Not charged to the client. Our clients have full access to daily and monthly timesheets.


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