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Software Developer

Software Developer


As project size varies, managers are scheduled Full time or Part time, minimum at 0.15 FTE

  • Roles & Responsiblites

    • Activity and resource planning. ...
    • Organizing and motivating a project team. ...
    • Controlling time management. ...
    • Cost estimating and developing the budget. ...
    • Ensuring customer satisfaction. ...
    • Analyzing and managing project risk. ...
    • Monitoring progress.
  • What is FTE

    Managers can be hires Full time or part time as they can manage single or multiple projects

  • Onsite Client visits at no addtional cost

    Client visits depend on size of the project

    1 visit each year at the client destination (team size 2-5 members)

    2 visits each year for projects 4 & above


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