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Insurance, Mortgage & Legal process outsourcing


Mortgage brokers

legal & commerical

Real estate agents

property brokers

Title agencies


Managing back office transactions for 100+ institutions globally.


Insurance Data Entry

24 X 7 Customer Services

Appointment Setting

Accounting & Billing

Commission Management

Warranty, Policy and Claims

Insurance Reporting

Endorsements Processing

Quotations, Proposal preparation

Certificate process, followup & reporting

Document Indexing and Filing

Title insurance, Renewal Exposure 


Loan processing

Lodgement, Property valuations, Home Owner Grant applications, Lender & Borrower followup, 24X7 Customer support.

Settlement services

Auditing,book management

Lead generation

Loan management

24X7 Email, Chat & Contact centre support


Alerter administration


Contract management

Case Research

Documenting & Review

Digital Document conversion

Content drafting & loading 

Litigation support

Drafting & Record managment

Data Privacy is not Data Security



  • Our contracts are signed locally in Letter, Word and Spirit to comply with country specific laws for handling personal & client data.

  • 500+ staff, 24 X 7 X 365 (covering time zones and public holidays),

  • CMM level 4 process, Skilled staff, and Lower costs.

  • Our domain understanding of Banking, Financial services and Mortgage lending industry.

  • Trusted partner to reputed global firms and custodians of their data, having preserved their trust for more than two decades.

  • Our managers based in Australia & India interact directly with clients to iron out issues.

  • Our mantra; “Onsite service at offshore rates”.

  • No lock-in contracts

Working Woman

Managing Data entry


Image Management and Geo-tagging

Handwritten data conversion

Large volume Data Entry

Online & Offline data entry for: PDF, Forms, Survey, Invoices, Book-keeping, Receipts, Products, Websites, MS Office formats, Reports, application forms etc,

Putting effort on data entry and back-office aspects, undoubtedly takes business’ time, resources, infra costs and people training. Mortgage lending firms have tons of data ranging from property, loans, Identification, contracts, legal & government compliances, website validations etc, that needs accurate processing. This is the reason why outsourcing mortgage data process is practical to ensure a procedure driven approach to ensure errors and quality is maintained.

Our skilled staff and their attention to detail, we manage

  • Outbound Customer call center for issues related to Forms

  • Manage Online & Offline Forms, OCR, Scanning, Digitization and Data Capture,  

  • Processing Handwritten, Scanned and Printed Forms

  • Outbound Customer call center Management; communication with brokers, banks, legal entities, and intermediaries.

  • Payments, Insurance, Policy and Contract management

  • Compliance and procedure adherence

  • Email & Chat support

  • Insurance Claims Management

  • Underwriting

  • Billing and accounts receivables

  • Policy checking, renewal, and amendments

The Legal Process Outsouricing (LPO) unit

Legal Data Extraction

We ensure information is easily accessible and organized in databases, backed up with useful legal data extraction as needed.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

We expedite the conversion of Legal documents into digital copies with OCR technologies.

Quality Audits

Audit the accuracy of processed data and provide feedback on the level of compliance requirements.

Legal forms processing

We ensure legal documents and forms undergo the right process to yield results.

Legal Surveys Processing

We assist in processing information gathered through legal surveys and convert into conclusive statistical and objective analysis.

Court Douments processing

Large volume court documents with statuses, active files, archived, for reference or for disposal. Mining and processing of information.

Litigation Data processing

Legal cases and issues are facilitated for indexing, searching, and processing of legal information.

Court Douments processing

Large volume court documents with statuses, active files, archived, for reference or for disposal. Mining and processing of information.

Making IT better

Project trends @ComCrowd

  • Real Estate back office

  • Legal data entry

  • Foreclosures data entry

  • Medical records management

  • Ecommerce catalogue management

  • Insurance claims processing

  • Voucher management services

  • OCR, scanning and database management

  • Accounting and Invoice processing

  • General file management, clean-up & administration

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