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We are

a global company providing Technology consulting, Software development and Business process outsourcing services. Using global, nearshore, offshore talent, we are a partner to reputed companies to strengthen their business operations and focus on providing high quality services for clients.


Technology engineers


BPO and

call centre staff


Projects till date


Countries with happy customers

24 X 7

Centres in

Australia, India

Our Story

ComCrowd is an Australian company, on a mission to engage with global customers and partners to offer specialised Software technologies and Business Process Outsourcing services. Our shareholders include private equity fund houses, non-Australian companies, and employees of ComCrowd.


We focus on multiple domains to provide industry specific support and solutions using global standards, nearshore-onsite-offshore delivery model. Our dynamic team of 500+ staff in Australia and India operates 24X7 as we serve a diverse range of customers, business partners, products and services. Our nearshore centres are a bridge between our clients and offshore teams to guarantee cost efficient, reliable support at any given point. 

Offshore Centre

ComCrowd's India facility is operated by Zenith Software Ltd, who are shareholder partners of ComCrowd Australia. Located in the "Silicon Valley" city of Bangalore in South India, we are based in Koramangla, and neighbour over 50 ICT companies like Microland, Siemens, Toshiba, Texas Instruments, Bosh etc. With over 2.1 million IT, ICT and BPO resident professionals across Bangalore city, our location enables us to attract the brightest people for our client projects.

Our expertise in the Travel & leisure:

Zenith-ComC an integral part of ComCrowd Global that specifically serves reputed Travel & leisure companies to create Custom technologies and outsource their back office Business Processes. Our nearshore & offshore locations allow us to be cost efficient and deliver relevant solutions to Airlines, Hotels, OTAs, Tour operators, Car rentals, Food & restaurants, cruises, and Leisure travel operators.

Investing equity in partners, client projects and businesses. 

We understand that it takes great dedication, strong work ethic, nominal and sweat equity along with immense drive to make a business successful. Our investment preference is to work closely with businesses who have a clear market acceptance for their products and need additional equity to support further expansion to a wider audience. Apart from just nominal or sweat capital, using our global delivery model we bring in technical expertise, efficiency, cost optimisation, along with a long term approach to our investments in Digital platforms and business processes.

Mission and


Keep it simple. Be transparent with clients, colleagues, shareholders, and partners. Live for a social cause.



To be respected for helping businesses reach their potential through   technology and process  improvements.  


For our clients

We focus on Domain & industry knowledge to utilise global talent for reducing cost, and delivery quality

To our employees 

"Diversity is the engine of innovation. We encourage, you take risks, think out of the box, fail and be open to clients when we go wrong."  


C hoose to act with integrity

O pen, Honest and Transparent


M utual respect and teamwork

C  lients, employees, partners,

     vendors, and shareholders.

     Be ethical  to all.

Partners & Alliances

Code of Conduct

Conducting ourselves

The Code of Conduct expresses our commitment to conduct our operations ethically, act with integrity and transparency. The ComCrowd family believes in following not only the letter of agreement, but its intent and spirit. This means we:

  • Understand areas covered by the Code, company policies and procedures, and laws that apply to our job.

  • Follow the legal requirements of all locations where we do business.

  • Conduct ourselves in ways that are consistent with the Code, Company policies and procedures, and laws.

  • Speak up if we have concerns or suspect violations of the Code, Company policies and procedures, or laws.

Intellectual Property

Protecting our clients

The intellectual property (IP) of the Company and our clients we serve must be protected as a vital business asset. Our clients trust us with IP portfolios, copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, design rights, logos, brands and know-how and we strive to create processes that protect these assets. We believe it is our moral duty to promptly disclose any works, inventions or developments we create, and enable our clients to obtain legal protection over them.

Confidential information

Creating processes and measures

All employees of the ComCrowd family sign Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement when they join us. Our access to significant amounts of client information is not made available to the public without a client approval process, and all staff are required to protect the confidentiality of information obtained in client service. We take measures to control and protect data to prevent its prohibited, arbitrary or careless disclosure. We are committed to protect the confidentiality of processing information by implementing adequate technical and organizational measures, and all employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, contractors, are made aware of their responsibility to use, or process personal information, unless authorized by law and/or contractually agreed.

Selecting our suppliers

Code of Conduct

Our suppliers make significant contributions to our success. We strive to create an environment where our suppliers are treated with respect, confident they will paid on time and treated as our business partners. We select our significant suppliers or enter into supplier agreements though a competitive bid process where possible. Our Supplier Code of agreements are aimed to conduct operations with integrity of our financial transactions and protect critical information related to the peration of our business.

Finally, in action

Striving for excellence in

Matching behaviour with our values: To be sincere and real.

Accepting failures: To view failures and client feedbacks as information to learn, grow and try again.

Speaking with a purpose: To ensure our intention is positive and words are sincere. 

The present moment: To create a positive working environment around us

Balance: Have a balanced work, family and physical life  

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