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How travel companies are fast streamlining

Last minute cancellations, revised regulations, visa norms, covid insurance, its turbulent times for travel businesses and their need to frequently adapt to new circumstances.

International travel operators will need to spend more on digital platforms to stay in business, but also make compromises to outsource inhouse activities that add costs pressures.

The Solution is: to streamline your business by outsourcing.

Post Covid, travel & tourism companies have incurred massive losses, hence outsourcing of inhouse functions to a reliable partner can be a step closer for businesses to ease cost pressures. Finding a partner to deliver stated objectives at a small cost, create processes specifically tailored to your business model, can be a good starting point. Relying on a third party is not easy but much of the travel ecosystem today is built on a web of providers, suppliers, aggregators and consolidators. Adding to that we also have specialised Travel focused service providers who partner with Travel companies to deliver custom software’s and back-office services, tailored specifically to their business model.

Who is outsourcing these days

Top outsourcing functions

  • Online Travel Agencies(OTAs), Consolidators, Global distribution Systems (GDS), Aggregators

  • Airlines

  • Hotel chains and accommodation services

  • B2B, B2C Tour operators

  • Event management companies

  • Cruise companies & operators

  • Car rental agencies

Offshore- nearshore Back Office

  • Reservation help desk

  • 24 x 7 Call & support Centre

  • Content Management, data entry & analysis

  • Booking & itinerary management

Technology outsourcing

  • Custom Software development

  • ICT Management

  • GDS, API integrations

  • Mobility, ERP & CRM Suites,DW, BI & Analytics

  • Product Testing, IT Security, Cloud Management

Getting a partner with Travel domain knowledge

You might be wondering why "domain knowledge" is first on this list. To put it simply, it’s important and paramount. A partner with an ability to bring together experts with decades of travel experience, tends to understand your needs well, cut your business’s learning curve and will get things done quicker.

Thinking Glocal (Global & local)

Your customers are traveling 24X7, so your business needs to function 24X7. A partner that functions round the clock for you, allows your business to be global instantaneously.

The people problem

Many developed economies in EU and Americas suffer with the problem of recruiting and maintaining quality technical staff.

It may not surprise you to know that developing economies within Asia are experiencing mass volumes of skilled workers being available and the need to put them to effective use. Outsourcing helps you to pick and choose, high quality people, with the right domain knowledge and willing to act as extension of your team at a low cost.

Travel being a seasonal business

Few understand that outsourcing gives you a remarkable flexibility to scale up teams at breakneck speed and scale down during off peak seasons. The ability to react to changing market dynamics, be cost efficient and readiness to be flexible for the next pandemic will be vital for travel businesses.

Increase Efficiency & Quality

Many a times back-office tasks are often assigned to inhouse staff members or teams who have other priorities to manage. These could lead staff members juggling competing priorities within a limited timeframe, and inefficiencies creeping in. People then find short cuts and bypass processes which later increases costs & time. An Outsourcing engagement can drive efficiency and increase quality since dedicated staff are allocated well defined tasks and a documented process is in place.


When Outsourcing works, it saves money. Lots of it

Focus your time on valuables

Most companies now prefer to spend more time on high value functions like; Sales, marketing, Design & planning, Direct customer connect and capital allocation. Non-strategic back-office activities like content loading, finance, admin, 24X7 support, software development & testing can be easily outsourced to a partner.

Adding best practices to your business

A knowledgeable partner would have worked with multiple clients, and well-developed processes of doing tasks efficiently. If your focus is to continuously improve customer service in collaboration with your outsourcing partner, you could be on track to drive efficiency and product quality.

Finally, choosing the right development partner has to be a holistic decision.


Zenith-ComC is a Travel, Leisure, and hospitality-focused division of ComCrowd Global. For nearly two decades Zenith’s been an outsourcing partner to 50+ top travel companies.


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